Friday, October 30, 2009

Life in a Week

Sparkles knitting her scarf.

We like to "showoff" our knitting.  Master knitter Connie is showing off her toddler sweaters.  The yellow and pink one was knit with one self-stripping yarn.  She took special care to start the first yellow stripe after the smocking and she lined up the pink stripes on the sleeves to match the striping of the body of the garment.  Like I said, Connie-the Master Knitter.

Celeste and Pam at  Friday Morning  Knitting at Barnes & Noble.

Chloe stretched out on the couch as I am folding clothes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Knitting Friday

 Today is knitting Friday at B&N.  I always look forward to this day.  I will try to get some pics of my friends.

Chloe had an accident the other day.  I don't know for sure what happened but I came home to limping, sad dog.  I rushed her to vet.  No broken bones or fractures.  Thank goodness.  She was given an anti-inflammatory med but it made her throw up in my bed this morning at 3:30AM.  Poor girl.  I think she will do fine without the medicine.  She is bouncing back quickly.  Chasing Sophie around the apartment.  Jumping on and off the bed.  She is not suppose to do stairs or jump for two weeks.  What a joke, considering I live on the second floor.  How do you keep a dog from jumping on the bed.  I moved my mattress to the floor, but she still wants to jump on the board on the frame.  As a friend at work said, Dogs are like children, very resilient, they recover much quicker than their parents.

More Pics

Chloe and Sophie playing on the bed while I am trying to make it.
Chloe laying in her favorite chair.  She can look out the window from this chair, but the chair is not so close to the window that she could go flying through the window when she see a dog outside.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Jude!!!

Sunday, October 4, 1959 Judy Ann Miller was born to George Albert Miller and Patricia Ann Birkmeier-Miller.

I invited my friends and mom to Hartmann's Waterhole restaurant in Harmony, Pa.  The restaurant was rustic with wooden beams in the ceiling.  The food was delicious with reasonable prices.  Vivian brought the birthday cake.  Chocolate cake with strawberries.  Oh so delicious.

From left to right: Jude, Nora, Connie, Vivian & Flo.

From Left to right: Connie, Vivian, Flo, Celeste Pam, Mary Ann, Vilma.

Vilma and Mom

Pam and Mary Ann

Vivian and Flo, the dynamic duo.

Happily cutting the cake.  I was nervous about cutting the cake, but it went fine.  We had two pieces left over.  Two people due to physical illnesses were unable to eat cake with us.

These are my 9 most favorite people in the world.  I invited my most favorite people and they all were able to make it.  Pam Logan ( my bestest ever friend)  from Arizona was invited but could not make it because of the distance.