Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Perfect Fit...

I probably should not be feeding Chloe grapes since she is just getting over diarrhea, but it is fun watching her eat them.

Chloe is perfect just the way she is.  Mom described her as 'not friendly.'  That hurt my feelings.  My dog? Unfriendly?  But you know what?  Chloe does not get into the garbage, loves the cats, has had zero accidents in the house, lets me eat in peace,  is not demanding, ... and the list goes on and on.  I could not ask for a nicer dog.  She fits into our family just beautifully.  She has been living with us just over 5 weeks and Angel is doing very well with her.  Angel mind you is the cat who does not like change.  I think Chloe is a little jealous of Angel.  Angels comes out of hiding and meows very loud to let me know she wants me to pet her.  I'll start petting her and then Chloe will put her head in position for my hand to pet her instead of Angel.  Poor Angel walks away.  I should probably reprimand Chloe and tell her to go away, but Chloe so seldom wants petting that I do not have the heart.  Balance.  

Balance in all things is the key to happiness.  Balance the attention I give my pets.  Balance the time spent at home and away from home.  Balance play with work.  Balance.  I learned this important lesson from Jill in North Carolina.  Wise before her years.