Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pics from Baby Cooper's Shower

Mom (Sarah) and Baby Cooper James

Cake for Cooper James from his Maple Grove Family

Poster made by Charlene and Cooper's Gifts.

The Baby Afghan I crocheted for baby Cooper

Jean and Katie getting the food ready

Suzanna and 

From left to right:
Ron,   , Alex, Paul

From Left to Right:
Troy,    , Ron

Pearl, Sarah, Cooper

,  Chrissy

Pastor Cheryl

Grandpa with baby Cooper

Grandma with baby Cooper

Some Photos....

The Afghan I crocheted for Pam for Christmas

Angel looking pretty

Sophie and Chloe laying together

Sophie helping herself to my strawberries 

God is Good, All the Time

I had minor surgery yesterday afternoon and all went well.  I am doing great today too.  Now we wait for the lab results.

I am staying at mom's for couple days until I can drive again.  Chloe is at the kennel and doggy daycare.  I called yesterday to check up on her and she is doing well.

I miss my cats.  especially Sophie is who always laying on top of me.  She is a sweetheart.  I miss Angel meowing loudly let me know she wants more food.

Shirley, a woman from church, asked me to help her with the puppet ministry.  I have been busy looking for puppet scripts online and then tweaking one that we both agreed upon.  I have also been looking for songs to go with the puppet script.  I've enjoyed this process.

Mom bought me a Kindle for my surgery.  I absolutely love it.  I was so surprise when she gave it to me.  I could not believe it.  I've wanted one for a long time and kept watching as the price dropped on amazon.  Thank you mom for giving me this great gift.  I love you.