My Favorite Things from A-Z

My favorite things from A-Z are:

A- Authors-Jane Austen, Beverly Lewis, C. S. Lewis
B- Books- Blble
C- Coffee-Iced Decaf Mocha Latte
D- Dessert-homemade apple pie, Texas Cake
E- Elegant Object You Own-None
F- Flowers-Wild
G- Guests for Tea-each with own personal-sized tea-pot and cup, with a wide selection of herbal teas.
H- Home-is where the dog and cats are
I- Inspirational Authors-CS Lewis
J- Jane Austen book-Mansfield Park
K- Kitchen Gadget-manual food processor
L- Laundry Help-Lestoil
M- Musical-Annie-The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
N- Naptime-is wonderful.
O- Organizing Tip-Organize your closet by clothing item then color then by pattern
P- Pride & Prejudice Character-  Mr Bennett
Q- Quote-Be Kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle ~Plato
R- Recipe-Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Bread; Christmas: Cranberry Orange Bread
S- Scent-Spring Rain
T- Tea-African Autumn by 
U- Underwater Creature-Manatee
V- Voyage You’ve Taken-Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, CA.
W- Water Feature; Lake, Creek, Ocean, etc.-Waterfall deep in the woods
X- X-tra Special Treat for Yourself-Dinner out
Y- Something About YOU!- I'm just starting to live
Z- Zoo Animal-don't like "caged" animals