Thursday, May 18, 2006

When Life gets Tough Drink a Frapaccino

That's my philosophy on life. I had a pleasant lunch with Knitting buddy Connie today in Oakland at one of my favorite restuarants down there Ali Baba's. Then I went to Starbucks for dessert and journaled.


The mouse won with my assistance. Sophie was batting the mouse around. The mouse was squealing. I got up, placed a butter dish over the frantic mouse, slid a greeting card under the mouse and the butter dish, took the mouse outside and released him/her. He was a healthy mouse. I hope there were no internal injuries and the mouse is happy and safe now.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Read a Good Book Lately?

My friend, Jennifer Bushman, wrote a novel with her mother while her mother was battling breast cancer. The book was completed two months before her mother's death. Five years later the book was published. It is a great book called Hard Sleeper. It takes place in China. Jennifer's mother was a diplomat in China for many years. If you want a good read with substance read Hard Sleeper. You will not be disappointed.

Life Can Be Fun

Watching the cats last night reminded me that life can be fun.

Did you know that when it is raining the second scoop of ice cream at Brusters is free? I love rainy days!!!!

So Who Won...the cats or the mouse?

I don't know. The cats were listless this morning which made me think they caught the mouse. But Sophie has perked up now as if she is still search for it. The lights went out at midnight last night. I don't know what they did after that. I have not found a dead mouse. Rosie usually leaves the carcas for me for to dispose of, Sophie I've never seen hunt a mouse before. I don't know if she would eat it. Rosie sure came to life last night. It was a pleasure to see.

Knitting @ Panera's Cranberry Township

Last night Mary Ann, Jane and I stitched and bitched. I worked on a newly started sock from Sensational Socks. I used the alternate cable cast-on taught to me by Jane. I'm using Regia sock yarn give to me by Jllz my Pittsburgh Secret Pal. I am pleased with the pattern.

Rosie & Sophie Prior to the Mouse Chase

Monday, May 15, 2006

R is for Rosie

I love my Rosie.

F is for Filleting

Dad I went fishing last Wed. morning. The bluegill were really biting the first half hour. Then they quit. Dad is filleting the fish. I made him teach me so when I fish by myself I'll know how to fillet the fish.

This is a little fish we caught. We caught much bigger but did not get a picture of them. Really!!!

I'm trying my hand at filleting. It takes practice. I sure do like fishing.

Evan Playing Percussion

My Nephew Evan after his band concert showing me his instruments.

Isn't he a cute kid?

My Sockapalooza socks arrived Wed. May 3rd!!!! I absolutely love them. After I gave my sock preferences I was worried maybe I was too harsh. I said, "If a man will wear them, I will like them." Dani did a wonderful job with my difficult preferences. This is Trekking yarn in shades of green. She also sent me several stitch markers and wax potpourri. This is Sophie checking out the socks.

This is the cute handmade felt bag the socks and other goodies arrived in. I was too eager to get the goods to take time to take a picture of the bag while still packed with the wrapped goods.